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This is a 30 Day Carnivore Challenge. 


Have you heard about eating just meat and animal products and thought "That's Crazy!" 

Well that is exactly what we thought! 


So we set out on a 30 Day Self-Experiment to see what would happen. 


Our Experiment with an all animal protein diet went so well that we never stopped!

Now we want to share what we learned and how we structured our daily meals with you! 


There are going to be some healing reactions that happen in each person.

We can help you through each stage of healing! Keep this in mind, it gets a darkest right before dawn! 

When the body is healing, it can get a little rough finding your way to the other side of. We got you! 


Here are some key things we noticed right away after removing plant matter from our diet! 


  • Digestion GREATLY Improved--even though it was "good" from being Keto for 3 years
  • Bloating of any kind is ELIMINATED
  • Joint Pain--GONE
  • Sleep--Improved 
  • Cravings--although helped greatly with Keto, they are non-existent with Carnivore 
  • Muscle and Strength are improved
  • Body Composition changed
  • Residual Inflammation--GONE
  • Ease of Meal Prep--It just can't get any easier
  • Hormonal Health--Get ready to feel like a teenager! --wink wink
  • Skin, hair and nails--Improved
  • ...and much more


In this 30 day challenge you will receive our exclusive Carnivore Guidebook that contains important information on what to expect and what to eat.


Upon purchase of this program you will receive an email with the program download link. This link will be available for 30 Days. Save your e-book to your files! 


Steve and Melody 


TK 30 Day Carnivore Challenge

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