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This one week meal plan is designed for the Special Operations Candidate! 

You will use strategic, clean carbohydrates, healthy fats and quality sources of protein to enhance your training. 


Included in this plan:

  • Information on Nutrition and Wellness
  • How to eat around workouts
  • Which foods are optimal for performance
  • Simple and Convenient Recipes
  • Grocery List
  • List of Clean Convenience Foods
  • How to Keep it Clean while eating out

...and More! 


Is this meal plan just for the Elite War Fighter? No! 

It's for anyone who wants to eat for performance or just get healthy!  

Tactical Performance Meal Plan

  • This is a PDF file that you will have access to upon purchase. 

    If you have any questions contact The Tactical Kitchen using the Contact Us section of this website. 


    The TK