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Prüvit was the first company to bring Pure Therapeutic Exogenous Ketones to the marketplace.


What you may experience with the use of Exogenous Ketones: 

  • Better Energy: Fast and Sustained Energy
  • Better Sleep: Wake feeling refreshed and energized
  • Better Fat Loss: Aids in Abdominal Fat Loss 
  • Better Focus: Reduce Brain Fog
  • Better Strength: Increased strength and less inflammation
  • Better Mood: Help regulate your ups and downs 


To find out more about ketones and how to use them go here: Tactical Ketones: KETO U

*Flavors will vary in Experience Packs


Prüvit 10 Day Experience

  • The sale of Exogenous Ketones and Digital Download Products through thetacticalkitchen.com are final.