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Holistic Health, Functional Nutrition and Personal Training

Specializing in  the Ketogenic Diet and Zero Carb Carnivore Diet

 Personal Training Services

Steve will assess your physical abilities and goals to ensure you have the correct workout plan to maximize your time and effort.

Online and *In-Person plans are available: 

What you get:

  • One on One training and instruction 

  • Personalized Program for your specific needs and goals

  • Basic Nutrition Guide for your goals 

  • Evaluation of progress 

  • Proper movement instruction for each exercise


$65 per hour


*In-Person training is subject to location 

*Personal Training Protocols in conjunction with Nutrition Therapy Services can pinpoint the type of workout that is best for your health and aid in your physical performance

Nutritional Therapy Services

Nutritional Therapy uses different *modalities to asses a clients needs. 


What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

 A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is unique functional nutritionist.  Our philosophy is  based on a foundational approach to nutrition, relying on the body's innate intelligence and bio-indivduality. We offer specific tools for assessing the body’s nutritional deficiencies and will teach you how to address those weaknesses through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Specialties include but are not limited to:
  • Ketogenic, Carnivore, Zero Carb, Low Carb/High Fat Diet Transition Protocols

  • Adrenal Fatigue 

  • Pre and Post Pregnancy Nutrition

  • Digestive Dysregulation and Dysbiosis

  • Blood Sugar Balance

  • Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetic Dietary Protocols 

  • Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease Dietary Protocols  

  • Fatty Acid and Mineral Balance

  • Allergies and Auto Immunity

  • Female and Male Hormonal Balance

  • Weight Management and Regulation

  • Strength Training and Functional Fitness


*The process of using Nutritional Therapy in conjunction with Functional Fitness Training will ensure you are doing the proper workouts for your current physical needs. Example: If you have Adrenal Dysregulation and Poor Fatty Acid Balance, We will recommend specific nutrition protocols and workouts to support the Adrenals and Fatty Acid Balance to increase endurance and physical performance. 

Initial Consult and Health History



Complete Assessment of Initial Intake Paperwork which includes:

  • One on One Consult via Live Video Chat or In-Person*

  • Health History Review and Strategy Session to 

  • All Initial paper work to be completed and returned 48 hours prior to appointment (Initial Intake Forms/Health History and Client Agreement)

  • Assessment of your health goals and concerns as we begin to build your personalized nutrition protocol and  get you moving towards your health goals.    (90 minutes) 

Functional Evalualtion

(This is a 2 hour appointment)

*Initial Intake and Health History Appointment Required Prior to the FE

What is a Functional Evaluation?

  • Clients will complete a confidential online symptoms questionnaire and a three day food journal. After an assessment of the proceeding paperwork, clients will experience a hands-on evaluation with palpations of neuro-lymphatic reflexes, neuromuscular reflexes, and nutritional reflexes. The functional evaluation also includes lingual-neuro testing and a Symptom Burden Analysis to develop a proper dietary and supplemental support protocol.  (2 Hours)


What not to forget

  • Please remember to complete all paperwork and the confidential online Nutri-Q symptom questionnaire. I must receive these forms 48 hours before your scheduled functional evaluation appointment to give your situation my best, most thorough attention.


What to wear

  • Please wear comfortable clothing for the functional evaluation. Avoid belts, zippers, heavy seams, or overly baggy clothing. Workout clothing is ideal.


What to bring

  • Please bring all supplements and vitamins you take on a regular basis

Avoid large meals and beverages other than pure water for at least 30 minutes before appointment, including smoking, chewing gum, mints, etc. 


Online Follow-Ups 

(60 minutes)

The client will be instructed how to implement their personalized plan to achieve their nutritional goals and be supported in their transition to balancing their body's possible deficiencies. (60 minutes)

*All Follow-up appointments are for established clients only. Continuing follow-ups with Food Journal and Protocol/Dietary Assessments are required to have completed Initial Intake Appointment and all health history paperwork. 


*In-person appointments are required for the Functional Evaluation and Lingual Neural Testing and based on location. 

**Nutritional Supplements are not included in the price of the plans

***Appointments for children under the age of 18  are accepted and they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

Online monthly Coaching Plans are Available!