Tactical FLŌ

Four Week Female Hormonal Balance Program

Before Hormonal Balance at 39 Years Old

Before Hormonal Balance
39 Years Old
Our very first Tactical Female Hormonal

After Hormonal Balance

47 Years Young


Hey Lady! 


Yeah You! 
Have your hormones been a mystery lately...or as long as you can remember? 
Mine were too!

Until I developed a Tactical approach to balancing Female Hormones.


Tactical FLŌ is a 4 week program of everything you need to kick start yourself into a blissful hormonal existence.


A beautiful place where no one says to you...
"Are you about to start???!!!" 


We all know that never ends well! 

what is covered in this program?

  • The Four Phases of the Female Hormonal Cycle

  • Cortisol and the HPA Axis

  • How to deal with each phase of the cycle

  • What about the BLEED? What does it mean? How to check your FLŌ

  • Nutrient Deficiency and Birth Control

  • How to go Gracefully into Menopause

  • What happens to my hormones in Menopause

  • The best exercise and sex for each phase of the FLŌ

  • What your Mom and Doctor never told you about hormones

  • How much fat is enough?

  • What kinds of foods fit my FLŌ

And Much Much More! 

Who is this program for?

Those who suffer from:
• hormonal imbalance
• adrenal fatigue
• irregular or absent menstrual cycles
• blood sugar imbalance

• digestive distress
• mood swings
• PMS 
• depression or anxiety
• body weight changes
• fatigue
• brain fog
• lack of energy or motivation
• skin breakouts

All program materials are in digital download format.

You will receive 4 weeks of course material in a zip file downloadable document upon purchase.

This includes Video, Audio, PDF slides, Food and Mood Journal and many support PDF's concerning proper nutrition and how to eat to balance hormones.


What will this program include? 


  • Weekly Zoom Meeting Webinar Classes (Previously Recorded) 

Each Zoom Class is approximately one hour each week.  

  • Closed group on Facebook 

This is where you can collaborate together in a private group and share stories, questions and ideas. I will be intimately active in this group and available to you here throughout the week and of course some Facebook Lives will happen here! (you will be added upon purchase if you are indeed on Facebook!)

  • Food lists for each phase of your cycle and how to incorporate them into your life

This is where you can learn a few recipes, get some new ideas for when to strategically eat the foods that will benefit your particular phase of the female hormonal cycle. 

  • Recommendations for supplementation when appropriate 

This is particularly important information for those who are currently using or have used synthetic birth control. 

  • Book recommendations

  • Techniques for reducing stress 

  • Recorded audio/video lessons

  • PDF food lists and guide for eating adequate amounts of food 

  • How to adjust for a ketogenic diet

 (IMPORTANT: it isn’t necessary to be keto to be in this program) 

Here's to Happy Hormones!


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