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Meet Steve and Melody 

Certified Personal Trainer  

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

More About Melody

...Food is Medicine! After losing my father to Parkinson's Disease in 2009 and seeing others in my family suffer from the same symptoms, I decided to focus on Prevention Through Nutrition. I will use my knowledge of nutrition, my experience in health coaching and professional culinary training to work with you to get your health back on track. 

We work together to find your bio-individual needs.

I have a love of cooking and baking which I have transitioned to work with my dietary choices of eliminating refined sugar, excess carbohydrates, all grains, and industrialized refined seed oils (PUFAs) from my diet. 

I have three children, two step children and I am a grandmother of five..  

I LOVE to do CrossFit style workouts and Olympic Weightlifting! I am also a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer. 

My favorite food is a well marbled Ribeye steak and some grass-fed butter.

Now schedule your consultation and let me get to know you! Just click the button below. 


More About Steve the BEST health and shape I have ever been.

Now I am using the knowledge that I gained through 21 years of military training to help you get in shape.


I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Swim Coach, Run Coach, and CrossFit Level-1 Trainer.  I focus on the idea of functional fitness over traditional cardio and weights.

Over the years I have fine tuned my approach to fitness.


I can help you spend less time working out and more time enjoying the benefits of being in shape. Working within your personal Nutrition and a Fitness Plan you will see improvements in areas like Hormonal Balance and how your body responds to exercise.

I have two children, three step children and I am a grandfather of five. 


For a long time I couldn't run due to previous knee injuries. Changing how I fuel my body has allowed me to get back to running and sprinting. Two activities I enjoy as part of my Fitness Plan. 

My favorite food is Ribeye steak and butter.  

Enough about me, let's find out some things about you and get started on a brand new Health Journey.

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