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Functional Nutritional Therapy


Certified Personal Training

We Specialize in Bio-individual nutrition and the aging athlete 

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Melody Barrons        Steve Barrons

Functional Nutritional         Certified Personal

Therapy Practitioner                   Trainer                              

What Our Clients are Saying

"The Tactical Kitchen has provided invaluable insight into the Keto lifestyle. I now have more energy than I've ever had, never get hunger (low blood sugar) shakes anymore, and have lost nearly 20 pounds! I will always be grateful to Melody and Steve for showing us a new way of living and eating. Thank you SO much!" 

~Beth Lauren Parrish (riding instructor and #KetoForever human)

I have known Steve for what seems like my entire life. Although we traveled different paths, it seems fitting that we have both reconnected down the path of health. I silently watched Steve and Melody slowly make their transformation, but I was always curious. So one day I decided to test the waters. I started slowly (on the advice of Steve) step by step and ketone by ketone. Well I’m proud to say in 44 days I have lost 31 pounds, and I have never felt better. I look forward to listening and learning to all the great advise they continue to make available. Thank you both for all the encouraging words. You have both made a difference in my new healthy life.

~Wes Graves

Let's Find the Root Cause 
of your health concern

Let's take a look at your Signs and Symptoms 

This is a detailed online questionnaire to check your signs and symptoms. We will use this to determine where your body needs support.  You receive a graphed representation of this assessment along with a Symptom Burden Report showing you which organ functions/systems are impacted and which nutrients are needed.


$29 Investment

*Additional $70 for Mini-Consult to go over your results