How We Kicked the Carbs!

What is Ketosis? 

  • Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides most of the energy
  • Ketosis achieved through diet is also known as Nutritional Ketosis

See that Cupcake Girl?

She wasn’t very healthy. She had a sugar problem. She thought she needed to avoid fat and watch the calories she consumed. So she counted all of her calories. And she worked out very hard.  She worked in a bakery and ended up eating at  least two cupcakes a day taste testing the items  before they went out for customer purchase. She liked her work, so she took a couple home and shared them with The Hero Guy. But, she began feeling really bad. She tried working out harder! She had headaches, shakiness (hypoglycemia), bouts of hormonal acne,  chronic yeast infections, and weight gain. She would eat and count those calories,  but a little while later, she was very HANGRY! So she decided to change things.

That Hero Guy with gun wasn’t doing so hot either…

He was eating cupcakes with Cupcake Girl. And they were having a ball eating their desserts and being on a sugar high. But that badass Spec Ops guy was having knee trouble, weight gain, and feeling kinda tired. This isn’t good when you have to be the best of the best. He had to work out extra hard to get the results he was looking for. Sometimes he would get Hangry too! So he agreed with the girl and said, “Let’s start changing things.” So they did.

They eliminated highly inflammatory foods!

Sugar and Gluten were the first to go!

They never used artificial sweeteners to replace the sugar.  There is just one exception. They used Stevia Extract sparingly.

Next came the quality of food.

They liked having organic foods when they could find them. So they tried to adapt what they ate to what was in season. This made all of the food taste better.

They started feeling so good! The Hero Guy and the Cupcake Girl started adding more healthy fats and eating less carbohydrates.

They limited their sweet potatoes, lentils, rice and even fruit. And eventually, they stopped eating starchy carbohydrates all together. They replaced those starchy carbs with delicious and satisfying healthy fats. Things like grass fed butter, extra virgin organic coconut oil, full-fat grass-fed dairy products, including hard cheeses and creamy and delicious soft cheeses, like Brie and Camembert They ate crunchy nuts and seeds, and lots of avocados. The Cupcake Girl new that fat carried flavor but she had been told her whole life to avoid fat if she wanted to maintain a healthy weight. The Hero Guy thought he should avoid sugar, so he had used things with artificial sweeteners! They ditched those ideas and suddenly it was like Christmas. Everything tasted wonderful. They had been on a low-fat way of eating with lots of “healthy grains” for so long, they forgot how good eggs scrambled in whole real butter tasted. No more tasteless egg white omelettes for these two!

Amazing things began to happen!

The Cupcake Girl’s skin cleared up. She stopped having yeast infections. Her shakiness, headaches and brain fog went away. She stopped feeling hangry if she didn’t immediately get food.  In fact she could go long periods of time without feeling tired, foggy, shaky or hungry. She could even go lift heavy weights at the gym without having carbohydrates first. She could run without running out of energy! She felt great. And! She started loosing weight.

The Hero Guy didn’t feel hangry anymore. His knee that had ached for years just stopped aching. His joints from all of the wear and tear from being in combat just seemed to get better. He had never taken any medications that gave same sense of relief. The pain was just gone. He didn’t wear his knee brace anymore. He lost fat in the place he had always wanted to lose fat. His waistline. For years he ran and ran. Sometimes 10 miles at lunch. And lifted weights, bicycled, and swam. He just couldn’t seem to drop those last few inches. But now he does a fraction of the exercise and sees more results in a shorter period of time.  He can go long periods of time if necessary without food and not run out of energy or suffer a loss of mental clarity.

So how do you structure a Tactically Ketogenic Diet?

You eat lots of good, healthy dietary fats. The key term here is healthy fats. Can you get a good result using industrialized seed oils like soy, corn and vegetable? Absolutely not! These are actually high in Omega 6 fatty acids which can lead to internal inflammation. The American diet is very high in omega-6 compared to omega-3 and this causes tons of inflammation inside your body, which leaves a door open for chronic illness. So the type of fat you consume matters!

STOP eating FOODS  that turn to SUGAR in your body. Carbohydrates! To get into a good ketogenic state you should drop your carbohydrates to 20g per day. For example one apple has about 25-30g of carbohydrates depending on it’s size. With one apple you can really go over and stop burning ketones.  So not only do you eliminate starchy carbs like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. But you limit fruits. Most fresh or frozen berries are acceptable in moderation and in small amounts.

Do not go crazy with protein. It’s NOT a high protein diet. It’s a high fat diet. If you have too much protein it turns to glucose(sugar) in your body.  This could potentially throw you out of a ketogenic state and stop you from burning ketones!

Eat Green Leafy Vegetables! This is the easiest way to keep from going over on carbohydrates! There are other vegetables that are perfectly fine to consume. However, when you are first starting out with a Ketogenic Diet the best course of action is to stick to vegetables that are green! It helps cut out confusion until you can learn more about what a carbohydrate containing food is!

What does this way of eating actually look like in practice?

We are so glad you asked! Because this is our favorite part! The yummy food!

Here is a typical day for us on the Tactical Ketogenic Diet! (We DON’T like the word DIET…but it’s shorter than Tactical Ketogenic Life Changing Way of Eating for Your Health to Heal, Reverse and even Prevent Chronic Illness and Weight Gain)

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