Mission Objective: Grocery Shopping Tactics

If you’re walking through a field with land mines, you may appreciate some guidance.

Your local grocery store may not seem as dangerous as a field full of pressure sensitive anti-personel mines…but then again, maybe it is. We are talking about your body and it’s health and well being. What you feed it is directly related to how your body performs and works.

We will teach you to maneuver through the aisles like a seasoned veteran.

You will learn to identify HVF’sFriendly Fire, and food that will sabotage your health.

This is a one hour hands on Tactical Shopping Scenario. We will meet you at the store of your choice if you live within a 30 mile radius of the Fort Worth, Tx area. In the one hour training we will instruct you on how to identify HVF’s, avoid Friendly Fire, and conquer Label Confusion. You will be Combat Ready after this training.

To include this in any of our programs just request information here on Grocery Shopping Tactics.


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