Health Coaching and Personal Training Programs

What do you get when you hire us to help you?

You get two experts who really enjoy helping people improve their lives. We have over 21 years of experience in nutrition and fitness and you will have access to that knowledge.

As Health Coaches, we look at the whole person.

Who you are and what do you want to achieve? That’s where we start!

We look at what types of foods you eat, what kind of health problems you have, and where you are physically. We consider all of those factors and then help you develop a plan going forward to live a long and healthy life. Your Personalized Mission Objectives! 

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can teach you what foods to eat, how to grocery shop and can even give one-on-one cooking classes.



will develop a custom personalized workout plan for you and go step-by-step through the exercises and reasons why you are doing them.

If you want to change your life, improve the way you eat, and get the most out of your body we can show you how! You can have the Tactical Advantage!


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