Just the FAQ’s

Yeah, it’s the FAQ’s Jack! 

What kind of diet do you follow and prescribe for others?…

Are you Paleo?

Well in a word no! And in another word yes. If you mean do we eat a clean diet consisting of minimally processed whole foods…well HELL YES! Did cavemen eat like that? Well our best guess along with scientific research is a big YES for that question. However, cavemen had to forage for all of their food while trying not to be eaten…so if that’s where life has you…then call yourself Paleo. We just call it Good Clean Eating 

Are you Low-Carb, Gluten Free?

So what you’re asking is “do you eat jelly doughnuts?” Do you think you can be your best when eating that crap? We get our carbs from non starchy vegetables and you should too.  We practice Nutritional Ketosis most of the time. It makes us happy! 

Do you consume dairy?

Com’ on Man…Yes we eat dairy. If you’re still all hung up on that Paleo word you may not be able to wrap your mind around this. If a caveman had access to a cow and saw those udders hanging down, there’s not a chance in hell they wouldn’t have squeezed out some milk and drank that dairy right up. Now, do we drink pasteurized milk?  NO. That is some overly processed crap. Mostly we just use unpasteurized Heavy Cream, raw milk cheeses, and the occasional sour cream or cream cheese. You may not agree, so for you there are plenty of Nut Milks and coconut milk yogurts to be had on the market or you can try your hand at making your own. Or maybe you’ll get your very own cow. 

Do you eat sugar?

That’s the Million Dollar Question Sunshine. YES and NO. We eat Natural Sugar sparingly. And that means Fruit or Honey Son. We aren’t going to sugar coat this for you..because refined sugar is 100% bad for you! We eat Local Raw, Unheated, and Unfiltered Honey. If we ever have Maple Syrup, it’s the kind that some dude gets out of a Maple Tree. … not that nasty “Pancake Syrup”.  Remember that Sugar of any kind can mess up your state of Ketosis, if that’s what you’re going for. 

How do I find out what foods and exercise programs work best for me?

We believe that diet and exercise are very personal. Our plan of attack is to assess your current lifestyle, help you set goals, ensure that you have Personalized Mission Objectives designed just for your battle. And that you are equipped with the Tactical Advantage to attain your objectives and have a successful mission. No two battles are alike. 

How do I get started on My Mission?

That’s the easy part. Just fill out The TK Questionnaire and we can get started with your Personalized Mission Objective. We will set you up with a free 30 minute phone or Skype consult! We talk more about the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures that will get you in the best health and physical shape of your life! 




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